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United States of Geekdom The Movie: The Geek Awakens

In 2010, film goers everywhere were treated to one of the biggest epic cinematic experiences to ever epic.  So epic, it spawned a trilogy of such epic magnitude that no one thought it would be possible to use the word epic to describe epic epicness ever again in such an epic way.

Vampires. Wampas. Conventions. William Shatner. All were fed into the eyes of audience members nationwide to there delight.  For those who need a refresher you can find the description for Part one here, Part two here and Part three here.

In 2012, the saga ended with the unexpected plot twist of Garrison Keillor being the REAL Vladimir Dracula and biting Andy in the neck. Chuck Norris and Roy teamed up to let out a rocket fuel fart like none other to burn Dracula into dust while the rocket with Dracula's DNA self detonated when Rick got the brilliant idea of showing himself naked in front of it. It was the blood of William Shatner that saved Andy from being turned into a vampire, but it gave him lasting effects that will change Andy's life forever.

But now, it is 2016, and a new evil has awaken. One more powerful than Vladimir and his army of the undead ever were. A new evil that would test the boundaries of our podcasters' ability to epic their way through an epic. An awakening has occurred, and this's personal.

Returning to the cast are Ray Romano as Rick, Kevin Smith as Cole, Carla Gugino as Catherine,  Zach Galifianakis as Roy, Jack Black as Hunter Duesing, Sean Astin as Dustin, Hugh Jackman as Stu (who said this will be the LAST time he will play his iconic role of Stu), and Jason Lee as Lance Sanchez. Joining the cast in this epic new adventure are:

Rick Gutierrez as Ray Romano
In an epic twist of events, Rick has joined the cast to play Ray Romano,
and Rick is up to the challenge. "It's the role I was born to play" he says.
Ray Romano has come forward to declare to Rick that there can be only one, and thus the Highlander like journey begins for Rick.

Matt Ryan as Andy
The Battle with Dracula has meant a change in appearance for we can no longer afford Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Amy Yasbeck as Cindy Kinnard
When asked what it was like to play the role of the co-host of the podcast "Creepy Kitch", Amy Yasbeck said that "Oh, I am so heppay to take this role". Cindy is dragged into this mess to save Roy's butt again like she had to in 1997, thus meaning that Roy now owes her TWO life debts. 

Tommy Wiseau as Himself
While busy  fighting off Ray Romano, Hunter and Roy suddenly find themselves busy fighting off the sudden emergence of Tommy Wiseau, who has finally had enough of their panning of his cinematic achievement "The Room". However, there may be more to Tommy than our entire team may realize: he has contacted Space Rabies. That  and a bad case of mange can only spell danger for Roy and Hunter...

Megan Mullally as Taffeta Darling
The queen of Fan Girls in DFW, Taffeta Darling is pulled into battle to help her friends fight off the new evil that has emerged from parts unknown. 
To prepare for this role, Megan Mullally has taken 6 months of martial arts classes with Jackie Chan and watched the entire filmography of Kurt Russell.

Tilda Swinton as Oliver
Joining the cast as Rick's oldest son, Tilda Swinton is looking forward to portraying what she has declared to be the biggest acting challenge of her entire career. Osh Gosh B-Gosh has designed a special array of costumes just for her performance. 

Kevin Hart as BooBoo Momenchaunts
An evil demon from the 6th dimension, BooBoo has his eyes and claws aimed at Andy, who is ready to take his soul back to the underworld. Kevin said his hours working with Ice Cube has prepared him to play a bad ass mother from the underground, but then realized it was 2Pac who was a former member of the hip hop group Digital Underground, not Ice Cube.  His bad.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Seabuscuit
Sarah takes on the role of the famous race horse that only Stu has the power of seeing. Seabuscuit also has the power of unicorn magic, which helps Stu in his battles with the evil army of Paul Hogans


Paul Hogan as Himself/Army of Demon Clones

Hey.....Paul Hogan's gotta eat......

Kurt Russell as Spot
Taffeta's "pet", Spot is a man trained to be a menacing force and protector of well as her lover.  There is nothing he will not do for her......NOTHING.

Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks is alone, penniless, and no longer wanted in the Star Wars Universe.....and he blames Cole. Misguided yes, but he does. Ahmed is happy to know that he is never going to be able to live this character down. "Nope, looks like I am in this for the long run. I am so GRATEFUL to Mr LUCAS for making sure that this character will follow me forever" (All sharp and blunt objects had to be removed from the room prior to filing any scenes with Ahmed)

William Shatner as Himself
Shatner is so excited to come back to this film series, that he purposely postponed writing his return to  TekWar novels and come back again to help the gang fight off the new enemies that have attacked them.
He also performs the theme song "The Arrising" written by Adele.

Based on The Novel "Push" by Saphire
A QUINN/MARTIN Production. 
Directed By Alejandro González Iñárritu
Coming Summer, 2016

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