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United States of Geekdom Episode 95: The Untitled USG Episode About Villains

Welcome to the United States of Geekdom, the podcast that talks about what makes us geeks go tick!  We bring you out 95th episode in which we talk about villains.  Or at least try to.  Let's be honest. We go off the rails pretty quick in this episode and never quite recover.  Rather than edit it down to feature the conversation about villains, Rick decided it best to keep the show in its entirety.  But why the picture of Dobby in in ths post?  You will have to listen to the episode to find out why.  That said, we get blue in this episode so the dialogue is a bit on the adult side but this is the USG at their absolute funniest and raunchiest.  Enjoy, next episode we get Fast and Furious!  Thanks for listening!  Stay Geeky!

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