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A Very Belated (sorry) Geeks and Thugs Oscar Special!

Hey everybody Rick here.  I would first like to apologize for the lack of activity from the USG.  I have had a lot of personal stuff to sift through (some bad, some good, some REALLY bad, and some REALLY REALLY good) and the podcast has unfortunately fallen by the wayside as a result.  It is hardly what I would see as the idea for the show and I am working on trying to get things back on track and this is the first thing out the gate.  We have a couple of shows already in the can but I figured it would be the most appropriate thing to do first is put out the annual Oscar show.  Again, I am joined by Jim Dirkes of the Film Thugs Movie Show as we take a look at the winners of the 2015 Academy Awards show.  Enjoy, thanks for listening, and keep an eye out for more from us!

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