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Hey Everybody, Rick here with a special announcement.  As you know, USG is also the home of Cult Film Fanatics.  I am now pleased to announce that USG is now home to Roy's newest project THE TEST OF TIME co-starring friend of the show Ace.  It promises to have some lively discussion on both sides of the generational coin as it were.  

With that in mind, we decided to come up with a contest that promises to be downright hilarious at least!  What better way to celebrate a movie that in turn celebrates mediocrity than with haiku?   The last time we did this, was for Sharktopus and it was really well received.  That said, the haiku can be about the movie "The Room" or the director Tommy Wiseau himself, or just about anything in between!

Here is a sample...

Spoon for a picture
Football in tuxedos? Yeah!
Sestero told all.

You have until September 30th to get in your entries to  The winner will receive A Surprise Grab Bag of Rare Film Titles From Roy's Personal Collection of Twisted Cinema!  Some epic stuff in there for sure!  Good luck and get those entries in!  

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