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United States of Geekdom Episode 79: Anatomy of a Z List Celebrity

How does one adequately describe the nature of Z-List celebrity in a concise form?   That is certainly a compelling question to explore when seeking to introduce the latest episode of The United States of Geekdom, such being the topic of discussion and all.  When casting about for some analogue it proved fortunate that sometimes geekdom provides just what is needed.  In this case it is in the form of the trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy!  

If the star-spanning, Rocket-proves-that-Wonder-Woman-is-not-too-confusing-a-concept-for-modern-cinematic-audiences espousing summer release being invoked in this capacity raises an eyebrow, worry not.  That is a natural response.  If such a connection being drawn sounds an awful lot like a JediCole kind of concept, well, you probably didn’t raise and eyebrow at all.  Either way you are about to have the method to this madness revealed.  In the trailer the question is posed about exactly who refers to Peter Jason Quill as “Starlord” with the reply, “Himself mostly.”    It is that kind of shameless self-promotion (crossing in that case to a species of self-aggrandizing) that typifies holding the status of Z-List celebrity.

In short, this edition of the USG is all about what makes one a Z-Lister and demystifies the path taken to get there.  The path taken by a few of us that, by accident or design, found ourselves basking in the almost imperceptible limelight that finds its way to the bottom of the heap.  From convention fixtures to regional audience draws, we cover all aspects of elevating ones fandom to the point of being well known for having done so – at least locally.  Your USG Core Four have enjoyed being emcees, hosts, co-hosts, producers, and creators of a variety of events over the last decade or longer and share their experiences with you in this unique episode of our favorite ensemble podcasts (and facet of our own minor celebrity).


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