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Countdown to All-Con 2014 - Be a Part of the Show...In a Big Way!

All-Con is Just 8 Days Away!

JediCole's countdown continues and the big weekend draws nearer every day.  What will you choose to do at All-Con 2014?  Or perhaps choose to do FOR All-Con?

I am speaking of course of volunteering, the backbone of any convention.  And you will scarcely find a convention more appreciative of those who work behind the scenes to make it happen than All-Con!  

Volunteers often work directly with All-Con guests!
Now in its tenth year, All-Con has a long history of taking care of those who help make the show run smoothly. Becoming a volunteer is easy, too!  Just visit this link to register.  It is NEVER too late to join the fun.  You can get behind the scenes access, make some amazing new friends, and earn a free pass to All-Con 2015!  

A mere 8 hours of logged volunteer work gains you free admission to the next year's show.  Many volunteers have been earning their badge for next year since the first show way back in 2005!  

What's more, All-Con provides a huge party on Sunday to celebrate another successful year that is ONLY open to the volunteers!  Food, fun, and tons of prizes and gifts are the order of the day.  You don't want to miss out on this.  From a few hours before or during the show weekend to getting in on the action during the course of the year leading up to next year's events, volunteer opportunities abound. 

Some of the fine folks behind All-Con (who are wonderful to work with, by the way!)
Plus, All-Con holds a picnic for their volunteers later in the year, between shows!


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