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Countdown to All-Con 2014 - Working Up Workshops (and Panels)

All-Con is 23 Days Away!

Yuuuuuuup!  The days are ticking way as the big weekend draws closer.  So little time to get your All-Con 2014 passes if you have not yet.  Click here to buy right now!  It's four full days of amazing you don't want to miss!

So, what else can you find at All-Con (if you have not already been following these posts here and at The JediCole Universe and Convention Awareness Project - Texas you should)?  How about panels and workshops?

Every year a variety of panels and workshops are held at All-Con.  A random sampling of this year's offerings included panels on television shows like Doctor Who and Arrow, podcasting, collecting, ball-jointed dolls, and even philosophy and archaeology as they pertain to specific icons of pop culture.

Workshops can be found on all manner of costuming and make-up as well as writing and creativity.  

Zombies, gaming, steampunk, anime, and just about anything in between that is of interest to fans can be found in the form of a workshop, panel, or other event.  Be sure to download the schedule and read the event descriptions to find your favorites.  There are over 200 things going on over the course of four days so you really have to pick and choose at times to determine your own favorites.

And don't forget that the USG will be there in force with a several panels including one on super-heroes and their headquarters and one that is...well...totally 80s!  And that is just to name a few!  Attending those panels will garner you tickets for the drawing of the All-Con 2014 Grand Prize.  Just saying....

The USG looks forward to seeing you at All-Con this year!

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