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Countdown to All-Con 2014 - Rocky!

All-Con is 20 days away!

The clock is ticking and the days keep falling off the calendar (those old-timey page-a-day things from the cartoons), so All-Con time is drawing near!

As the countdown to "Your Favorite Convention" continues I have chosen to showcase an aspect of the show that has been around since its debut in 2005.  Shadowcasting.

Over the years there have been shadowcasts of Moulin Rouge, Repo: The Genetic Opera, and even a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style riff of the Patrick Swayze classic, Roadhouse (aka Pain Don't Hurt: The Roadhouse Experience).  And of course there is ROCKY!

From the outset The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been a major part of the All-Con weekend festivities.  In 2005 and 2006 it was screened/performed by (if memory serves) a troupe known as Three More Doritos.  Since 2007 (if memory serves again, this time on the year) Los Bastardos took over the hosting duties of this cult classic.

If you want to do the Time Warp again (at All-Con) then be sure to be attending the convention on Friday as the transexual Transylvanian fun and frolic begins at 11 PM and lasts into Saturday morning.  It is a classic midnight show after all!  

Los Bastardos will be peddling their Rocky Horror Kits (for a nominal fee) before the show so you have everything you need and it is all venue approved.  The screening/performance is free to All-Con badge-holders and is fun for veterans of the show and Rocky "virgins" alike!

Due to the mature content of this show no one under 17 years old is admitted without parent or guardian and no one under 12 years old is admitted at all.  Them's the rules.  Otherwise be sure to get in line early so you can enjoy the preshow festivities then get ready to join Brand and Janet as they embark on a journey of unexpected personal discovery that is the stuff of a criminologists dreams!

"See you at All-Con 2014."

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