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Countdown to All-Con 2014 - Get a "Buzz" at All-Con

All-Con 2014 is 14 Days Away!

Wow!  All-Con is just two weeks away!  Where did the last year go? 

Instead of pondering why time flies when you're having fun I will concentrate instead on some of the fun to be had at the show this year.  As you may have gleaned by now, All-Con 2014 takes place over FOUR days, not their traditional three!  That means that starting at 10 AM on Thursday, March 13, 2014, the show is open for business.  And if you are looking for something fun and personally creative much later on Thursday you might want to look into being a contestant/performer for the third annual Buzzed-Off!

Do you dance?  Sing?  Have a stand-up comedy routine?  Anything goes in this contest of performances where contestants seek to find favor in the eyes of our panel of three judges or face the shame of being "buzzed off"!  If you are familiar with The Gong Show then you have a bit of an idea of how this competition works.  Take the stage, do your thing (with a three minute time limit, please) and hope none of the judges hits their buzzer.  If you please them then you are awarded points and could become this year's winner!

Past contestants have told humorous stories, sung and danced, shown off their hula-hoop skills, and even (though he was buzzed) shaved their beard on stage!  Pretty much anything goes as long as it is all-ages appropriate.  Contestant registration is on the fly at the start and all throughout the competition until we run out of contestants or time. 

Do you have what it takes to be the star act of Buzzed Off?  Well you need to be in the Oak Ballroom at 5:00 PM, or even a bit early, to preregister your act.  Agents will be on hand to register newcomers throughout the first hour or so of the show.  This is a wild, unique competition that is fun for the audience and especially the contestants involved!


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