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Countdown to All-Con 2014 - Cosplay Time

All-Con 2014 is just 26 days away!

Yes the days until All-Con 2014 continue to slip away.  Valentine's Day is here and its time for the USG's turn at the All-Con 2014 countdown.  And hey!  Here's a great idea for your sweetheart!  Why not buy him or her a four day pass to the show by clicking here!

For this installment it seemed like a big part of All-Con (indeed most conventions large and small these days) should be showcased - costuming.  Yes, I realize that "cosplay" is the buzzword these days, but I am old enough to still call it costuming.  

All-Con, circa 2005.
Costuming and/or cosplay has been evident at All-Con since its inception in 2005.  While the crowds were not huge back then, there were many among the patrons who donned some form of costume.  By 2006 the costumers were a bigger part of the mix and last year easily one in five con-goers was wearing some form costume, and not all for the various contests and pageants!

For 2014 you can expect to find that costumes will dominate much of the weekend.  From the annual Costume Contest (at which JediCole has been a judge nearly every year) to All-Con Top Zombie and even a Doll Costume Contest.  Super-Hero Sunday returns, a contest that mixes costuming and performance to find its champion.  There is a Cosplay Contest and even a competition called "Doctor Who's Next Companion" in which costuming is likely to be a key factor.  Of course "hall costumes" are a non-competitive aspect of the show as well.

For the true expert costumer All-Con has added something huge!  A winner-take-all ($1000 prize) Championship Costume Contest.  While other competitions are open to all comers (up to registration limits), the Championship Costume Contest requires a $100 entry fee and is designed to be a showcase of the best of the best.

From the ultra professional costumer to the casual cosplayer, there is truly something for everyone (in costume) at All-Con 2014.

Be sure to check out the continuing pre-show coverage of All-Con here and at The JediCole Universe and Convention Awareness Project - Texas to catch each day's update.


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