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Marvel Cinematic: Theories and Predictions

Hey Everybody, Rick here with some theories about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  There are a lot of ideas going around about how it is all connected and with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. out now, things will either tie in better together or, they will become more confusing.  I hope for a little of both to be honest.  The reason being that it will be a fun ride.  (I WILL be jumping into SPOILERS in this article.  Not about the upcoming movies, but the ones that are out already.  I will however discuss my thoughts and theories on the upcoming films and how everything may tie in if at all.)

The Big Metallic Elephant in the Room

Marvel Phase 1 essentially set the table for the proverbial meal of awesome that is to come.  The Avengers featured a massive battle at the end of the film pitting the Avengers against the Chitauri, an alien army brought to Earth by Loki who was working with a then unseen Thanos.  The Battle of New York as it it now called left some major repercussions with several of the characters from the team.  Particularly Tony Stark who flew a missile into a portal in an effort to save the city from further destruction.

Stark as a result was left scarred mentally and suffering from PTSD.  This affected him in such a way that he began to create suits for pretty much any and every situation.  Iron Man 3 show him in the throes of his paranoia and  how he eventually deals with it.  Essentially he destroys all of the suits; a decision that I am sure he did not come to lightly.  But why did he destroy the suits?  The obvious answer would be that he is done being stressed and did not need the suits for comfort any more.  A more underlying reason might be Ultron.

Ultron you say?  Why Ultron? Well, based on the title of the next Avengers film, Ultron is going to be the big bad in the movie, thus causing a major headache for our heroes.  With that in mind, how might Ultron fit into this?  Joss Whedon has stated that Ultron is essentially present from the very first Iron Man.  That got me thinking.  Could Tony already know about Ultron?  Could that be another reason as to why he destroyed the suits?  So they would not be controlled by Ultron?

The decision to NOT include Ant-Man in the proceedings for the second Avengers film was not without its controversy.  The big reason is that in the comics Ultron was built by Ant-Man himself.  So with that out of the way, Tony Stark became the obvious choice for the creator of Ultron.  However, that got me thinking in that if Ultron has been there since the first Iron Man movie, what is to say that he DID build the robot?  It might have been someone else...

Now I know that the strong possibility is that JARVIS might be a strong candidate for going rogue and becoming Ultron and frankly while that will likely be the strongest choice, I like to present these theories to you, the readers.  

Two potential candidates come to mind.  Howard Stark is the first.  Could Howard been the one to build Ultron first?  Possibly.  He then would have realized that something this powerful might be too dangerous and mothballed it or perhaps it was the thing that killed Howard Stark.  Whedon has gone on record to say that Avengers 2 would be more painful on a more personal level for a couple of the heroes and being that Howard Stark worked with Captain America and is (obviously) Tony's father, it would certainly make sense.

The other potential candidate out of Iron Man 1 would be Obadiah Stane.  Stane was desperate to create something that would copy Tony's armor.  What if one of the earlier prototypes of Stane's suit might have been Ultron but Stane, power hungry that he is, cast Ultron aside, and went the Iron Monger route?  Ultron's motivation then would be revenge for the death of its "father" once Stane left the picture in the first film.

I think either theory would work here.  Perhaps the one involving Howard is more my favorite as it would link two of our heroes together a little closer together.  However, a third theory exists and it could be the most far fetched and probably the least likely....

The Even Bigger Purple Elephant in the Room

Item 47 established that the aftermath of the Battle of New York resulted in a TON of left over Chitauri technology and some of it has fallen into the wrong hands.  However, who is the one who essentially is the leader of the Chitauri?  Only the big purple guy himself, Thanos.  If Thanos was the leader of the Chitauri, what is not to say that he has a modicum of control over the technology itself?  That technology can be possibly manipulated to form Ultron and become sentient on its own.....yeah, no.  I didn't think that would be the case either.

So how DOES Thanos figure into Phase 2 if he is in fact NOT the chief villain in Avengers 2?  That will answered in Guardians of the Galaxy as he is supposed to figure in as a major presence in that movie.  After seeing the early footage shown at Comic Con and the D23 Expo, this is perhaps the Marvel Cinematic project that I am the MOST excited about.  Mainly because of the cast but also the potential of a bigger universe and the sheer audacity that Marvel is showing with this project to make it as fun a movie as possible.  Also, keep in mind, with the Guardians of the Galaxy, comes the Nova Corp who are the basically the Green Lanterns of the Marvel Universe.  Also with the Guardians comes Adam Warlock and he is a HUGE part of the mythos surrounding Thanos.  Especially with the item in the picture below!

Will Thanos figure into Avengers: Age of Ultron?  Perhaps but probably not in the way you might think.  The reason I say that is because you don't do what Paramount did in their fun but deeply flawed Star Trek Into Darkness which is bringing out the biggest baddie that your heroes have faced right out of the gate.  A villain like Thanos requires the build up and let's face it,  the current line up of Avengers would stand little to no chance against the Mad Titan.  Especially if he gets his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet!  Which is a possibility given that it is in the vault  of Odin in Asgard and we still have not seen Thor: The Dark World as of yet!  Even still, I think Thanos will remain a background string puller for at least a few more films.

The Phase 3 Line Up

It remains to be seen what other films will be coming out of Marvel Phase 3.  We know for sure Ant-Man is coming.  And it has me absolutely excited because Edgar Wright is the PERFECT guy to do this movie.  It is the right amount of insanity that we all know he can pull off given his previous work in the Cornetto Trilogy and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Another  movie to add to the list of characters to get their own movie will be Doctor Strange.  The Eye of Agamotto is another relic that was seen in the vault of Odin in Thor.  If the rumors are true to Guillermo Del Toro directing this one, we are in for a fun ride!  Even still, other potential films may include a third adventure for Captain America and Thor, a second outing for Hulk or the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Other titles that have been bandied about include Black Panther, Ka-Zar, and THE INHUMANS!

Thanos is coming. But Ultron will beat him to the finish line because our team NEEDS to be tested before we get to the big fight between Thanos and the Avengers.  That said, if I get to see a full on throwdown between Hulk and Thanos, I will probably geek out in a HUGE way!

I welcome any and all comments regarding this! Thanks for reading!


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