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Housekeeping! A few announcements! And All Around Geeky News!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a bit of much needed housekeeping and news.  A couple of big events coming up soon, some cool announcements, and other geeky stuff in this here article!  Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment below or on the Facebook page! 

If you missed out on this event, then you missed out on something truly special.  For a few years now, Can't Stop the Serenity DFW has been bringing us a fantastic event with the talents of friend of the show Pig Nasty of the Dirty Dilettante Podcast  as emcee.  It happened on August 11th and was a fun event held at the Lakewood Theater in Dallas on August 11th.  While I missed the event as I was away, I know that this is an event for an excellent cause with all proceeds benefiting Equality Now.  When it comes back next year, come and celebrate all that is the Joss because he is awesome and like I said before, this is for a great charity.  

In fact, they are doing another event tomorrow night in Fort Worth!  The charity event includes a screening of Felicia Day's fantastically funny web series The Guild, a screening of Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog, and a variety of  local bands to help make the weekend all the more fun!  


So our Sponsor Roll 2 Play is awesome.  How awesome?  They are holding geeky events all the time!  They are holding a gaming expo in March of 2014 that promises to be a tremendous amount of fun and of course we WILL be there!  Even still, when there is not an expo to go to, the storefront in Coppell is nothing short of awesome in its own right.  There is always something going on at the store and the gaming community that exists at the store is simply amazing!  Next week, I will be running a Red Dragon Inn Tournament at the store and it promises to be a wildly raucous time with lots of laughs, and one winner!  Here is the link for more information and so you can confirm your presence at what promises to be a load of fun! 
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I had an opportunity to interview friend of the show Molly Macabre about her burlesque show, Nerdlesque back in February and then I went to check out the show.  It was nothing short of incredible! From the incredibly funny emcee MT Molotov to the very lovely ladies, Plumb Askew Revue puts on one hell of an entertaining show.  I had never seen an burlesque show ever and this was an incredible intro to the world of burlesque.  Well, they are back and they have brought some new friends to the sexy proceedings!  Nerdlesque Strikes Back unites some of the hottest local burlesque talent for another evening of geeky awesomeness!   Definitely go check it out!  You will NOT be disappointed! You can get your tickets here!     


It's coming.  I assure you.  Possibly later this week.  And it is a good one because we talk about Lord of the
Rings! I am back from my much needed vacation and I am going into full overdrive to edit the shows we have in the can to get them out to you guys ASAP.  

We have some really cool stuff coming out as far as episodes and even a couple of new shows!  The first of which is an occasional series called "Watch It!"  "Watch It!" (a brainchild of our own Cole Houston) was a written set of articles from back in the early days of USG and was quite beloved by a lot of readers and also by myself.  A few months back, Andrew and I recorded a look at Big Trouble in Little China and had so much fun talking about it, we decided to do another one about Cabin in the Woods where we get even more in depth with that one! We had so much fun with that one, that we are already talking about the next movie to be talked about!  The Cabin in the Woods edition of "Watch It!" will be out pretty soon as well with subsequent episodes to follow whenever we are able to bring them out.

Also, Roy and Andrew are also cooking up something as well for a podcast where they talk about the show Heroes of Cosplay.  What exactly it will entail, I know not but I can guarantee it will be a lot of fun!

That about does it for this bit of housekeeping.  I did have the opportunity to go to the D23 Expo in Anaheim last weekend and as soon as I am able to, I will post something stuff from the event because a lot happened that is entirely too cool not to share! Thanks for reading!  Stay Geeky!         

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