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BATMONTH: Epilogue

Hey Everybody Rick here.  I cannot believe we actually pulled it off.  Actually, no, I can actually, given that 65+ episodes of  United States of Geekdom is a tremendous feat (Granted, not as tremendous as this guy's podcast over especially here but still.).  Batmonth was an overwhelming success in that we were able to band together and actually put together four episodes about Batman, and yet keep it interesting.  This is a testament to the talent of the people I have the pleasure of working with for more than four years of course.  However, I would be extremely remiss to not mention our awesome guest cast on these four episodes as well.  Roy and Ben from my other show brought their collective knowledge to the table as did our MVP of these four shows Eddie Medina.  Thank you all for making Batmonth a joy to create, produce, and listen to.  And thanks to you the listeners for helping in continuing to make USG a joy to continue doing regularly.

Having said that, Andrew and I recorded an exit interview of sorts to help close out these four shows.  It's a quickie but a lot of fun nonetheless.  After that, we will be back in two weeks when we tackle another rather epic topic.  Enjoy, thanks for listening, and stay geeky!  

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