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Batmonth Bonus! Amazing Comicast Episode 50!

Hey Everybody Rick here.  What I have here is a bit of a flashback episode.  Yes, you no doubt have heard by now the USG episode where we discuss Batman 1966.  Well, here is the 50th episode for the predecessor of United States of Geekdom, Amazing Comicast.  10 episodes later, we shut the doors and boarded up the windows to do a remodel on the place and create USG as you know and love it today.  That said, this was Andrew's second foray into podcasting, having made his debut in the episode previous.  He is celebrating 50 episodes of his own show over here.  Enjoy this little bit of Bat-Bonus content and join us next Bat-Week for Batman in Film!

Also, if you are interested, here is the link to our entire archive of Amazing Comicast!

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