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Hey Everybody Rick here with an intro for our upcoming episode which is our first four parter.  On July 3rd, Episode 65 drops and kicks off what I have been calling Batmonth.  The origins of Batmonth go back as far as the early days of the United States of Geekdom in that I expressed desire to record some premium content that I would then make available for donations to help support the site. Unfortunately it never came to be mainly because at the time it was very difficult to get our schedules together enough to record four back to back shows.

Time passed, we have a sponsor now with our friends at Roll 2 Play so the need for donations became less and less.  Having said that however, the idea for Batmonth continued to germinate in my head and therefore would not leave until I had the opportunity to see it through.  It so happened that July 2013 was going to be an inevitably busy month for us in that my son is turning five and my wife recently had our second child and the need for an extra set of hands was necessary. Also, Cole and Catherine are celebrating their landmark 25th anniversary and that was going to take up a lot of extra time from their schedules.  Not that this is a bad thing mind you but Rather than put the show on hiatus, we dropped four shows in as many weeks and the result is now ready to release.

Batmonth consists of four episodes.  Batman in Comics is the first one, followed by an homage to the classic 1966 Batman show in our second episode.  The third episode is Batman in film which covers everything from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan followed by our fourth episode which focuses on Batman in animation.  We are lucky to have such fantastic co-hosts as Cole, Catherine, and Andrew as they bring it to the table on all that is Batman.  We are also fortunate to have such wonderful guest hosts like Roy and Ben from Rediscovering the Magic.  And I would be extremely remiss to not mention our MVP of the series, Mr. Eddie Medina who is featured in all four of the episodes and has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of all that is Batman.  Eddie was nice enough to jump in on all four episodes and blew us all away with his knowledge.  Having said that, enjoy the upcoming shows and stay geeky!

We at the United States of Geekdom would like to express our congratulations to Cole and Catherine Houston on 25 years of marriage.  Here's to many more!  

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