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Weekly Doctor Visits: Dr. Venture Edition!

Hey everybody, Rick here with a new edition of Weekly Doctor Visits and a bit of an explanation to the delay to the latest episodes of the podcast.  Not going to go into lengthy explanations and whatnot, I will just go ahead and put it out there.   Week before last, on the 28th of May, my wife gave birth to the newest member of this geek family.  Our son, Simon was brought into the world and both he and my wife are doing great!  The show will resume in the next couple of weeks as soon as I am able to pry myself away from diaper duty and get myself caught up on a few other things (namely, Game of Thrones which...holy crap, one of the most solid shows on TV).

That said, rather than leave you with a week of non-content, I did drop a hint in the last Weekly Doctor Visit that we would be entering new territory and why not keep the Doctor Visits coming but from a different doctor.  Now, with Venture Bros., I have been watching since pretty much day 1.  I was sorely disappointed at the decision by creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick to delay the 5th season.  In fact, I was convinced that Season 4 was the last time we would see the show.  Imagine my happiness when Season V was announced!

But before I jump into it, here is a primer on the past four seasons of the show just to help you either remind yourself of the awesomeness within or familiarize yourself with the show.

Now that you are  caught up somewhat, here we go! As with the previous Doctor Visits, I will refrain from spoilers to preserve the fun and surprises that are provided within.   Enjoy!

Title of Episode: What Color Is Your Cleansuit?

What's it About?: Doctor Venture is contracted by his brother Jonas Junior to create a ray shield for a space station and hires college interns to help with the project.  Meanwhile, Billy Quizboy gets his own archenemy, Henchman 21 gets command of his own organization, and The Monarch has been watching a ridiculous amount of Game of Thrones.

How did Rick Like it?: This is a great way to start a new season!  The humor is spot on and as usual, there are at least two or three lines that are instantly quotable.  The Monarch's attempts at trying to carry out some fantasies with his wife are incredibly funny and Dean Venture's new outlook on things is a great way to further develop his character in ways that I would have never anticipated.  Excellent first episode to a new season and hopefully they can keep the momentum of great episodes going.

Final Rating: A

Next up: Venture Libre.

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