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Del Takes over the USG! The USG Review Star Trek Into Darkness!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a special edition episode!  Our buddy Del Pullen of the DELoL Show is someone who we became friendly with at All-Con 2013.  He's a pretty cool guy but we never quite seemed to have the time for him to appear on the show.  That is, until now.  We were supposed to be playing a practical joke on Andrew but he caught on and things went completely and unexpectedly in a whole other direction.  What you are going to hear, is the subsequent aftermath of the prank and also the topic that Del picked for us which is about sequels.  It was a fun bit to record.  Equally as fun is a bit that we recorded as a BS session but was pretty damn strong for one and I figured I would integrate it into this special edition show as well.  We discuss Star Trek Into Darkness, Game of Thrones and a variety of other things!  Enjoy, thanks for listening, and stay geeky!  Also, stay tuned for the USG's appearance on the DELoL show coming soon!!!  

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