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Weekly Doctor Visits: NIGHTMARE IN SILVER

Neil Gaiman returns to the Doctor and brings us what is probably one of the most insane episodes of this season yet!  Read on below!

Title of the Episode: Nightmare in Silver

What's it About?: The Doctor, Clara, and the two kids that she babysits (who blackmailed her to get a trip on the TARDIS) visit the universe's greatest theme park that has been long since abandoned but a long thought extinct enemy, the Cybermen lie dormant awaiting the arrival of someone....

How did Rick like it?: This is my favorite episode of the season.  No, really it is.   The Cybermen are some of my favorite Who Villains and this episode does not disappoint.  Especially when the show takes a turn from crazy to balls out insane in a way that I could have never anticipated.  I cannot say anything because this is heavy spoiler territory.   I will however say that we definitely get to see the Cybermen do things that we have never seen them do before and it is cool.  Very, very cool.  The character of Mister Clever is wonderful and how they pull it off is really something to see in action!   Easily the best of the season and one fantastically creepy episode to boot.

Final Rating: A+

Next Up: We prepare to take a break from the Doctor in his final Adventure this season and probably learn something more about him that we have never thought we would ever learn in......

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