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Weekly Doctor Visits: The Crimson Horror

Hey Everybody Rick here with an on time Weekly Doctor Visit!  As usual, spoilers will be refrained from,
and fun will be had!

Title: The Crimson Horror

What's it about?: Siluran Madama Vastra and her companions Jenny and the Sontaran Strax are investigating a mysterious case involving victims being found with red skin.  But where are the Doctor and Clara in all of this?

How did Rick Like It?: There is some creepiness abound in this episode!  Part of it involves the work of the legendary Diana Rigg and her daughter Rachael Stirling playing a mother and daughter in this episode. I had to watch this episode twice though to fully enjoy everything that was going on because a lot happens in the span of an hour or so.  Having said that, it was a nice breath of fresh air to have the focal characters not as the Doctor and Clara, but rather Madame Vastra and her crew.  The big reveal is pretty creepy and a fun twist on the proceedings to be sure.  One thing that I did LOVE was Strax and his non-knowledge of how Earth stuff works.  One scene in particular where he argues with horse is one of the highlights of the episode.  Definitely a fun episode but one that is a bit weaker than last week's adventure in the TARDIS.

Final Grade: B+

Next week.....

Neil Gaiman is back and he has brought back some friends!  

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