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Show Me Yours Special - Discovering The Temple of Self Indulgence

Greetings USG!  JediCole here with a very special edition of Show Me Yours.  As always I hope to
persuade our listeners and readers to send in photos of their collections along with a few short anecdotes about favorite items in the collection, memories of how certain things were acquired, or anything that might enhance the experience of others seeing what you have. 

This time however we have a  new take on Show Me Yours. This took a bit of time to produce as most of the footage was taken at different times and life has that funny habit of getting in the way sometimes (Hence, the resulting extraordinary delay.).  During that time a variety of USG staff and friends of the USG have been around to see my studio (a.k.a. The Temple of Self-Indulgence). It is in this room that the bulk of my personal collection, which our own Andrew Farmer described as “Herculean”, is housed. While Andy’s description comes the closest of any I have ever heard there is simply no substitute for seeing this room yourself.  These videos will go a long way toward illustrating that fact as everyone in them can attest.

Rick had the idea one day of capturing on video the reaction of “first timers” – those who had never experienced the scope of the collection. In fact our friend Stu had once asked how many things were on the Desk of Time Wasting Distractions alone. The off the cuff count came in at a minimum of 250 different items (not including the computer, pencils and pens, or the little supply drawers. The overall tally for the room is probably growing dangerously close to 1000 things (not including posters, trading cards, postcards, and other artwork on the walls).

So what is it like to walk for the first time through the door to this room, flanked from above by an X-Wing and a Y-Wing Fighter from Star Wars and a door festooned in posters, trading cards, and collectible coins? How does one register a space crammed full of super-hero, Star Wars, pop culture, dinosaur, and animal toys, action figures, glasses, and stuffed toys? Well you will just have to watch the following videos and discover that for yourself!

First up we have the Midnight Movie Cowboys’ own Hunter Duesing. He was in town around Christmas 2011 (before he moved back to Dallas) and joined a group of us for lunch. We had a great time with friends and family that day and then came the tour of the collection which spans most of the house.  But what can be found in the other rooms of the house ill-prepares anyone for the last stop on the tour.  The last stop with good reason!  Take a peek at what Hunter thought:

Next a two of our Geek Chicks get to see what the famous studio is all about.  Andrew has said that he is rarely speechless, but when he visited himself one evening during All-Con 2010 his initial reaction was to be dumbstruck.  That is an effect that is not uncommon as some of these reaction videos reveal.  Krystle and Jacque have their first glimpse below.

Stephanie Hancock and Joe Titus of Arlington's own Zombie Manor had joined the fun for Dollar Store Christmas last year.  And of course a visit to the studio was captured by Rick during the evening.  Here are a pair accustomed to shocking others in a Halloween haunt kind of way.  So it is only natural to shock them in a "How much stuff can fit in one room?" kind of way.

And now more Geek Chick fun!  Our own Loran (who is in the process of welcoming a new geek to this world as we post this!) and her then fiance/now husband Joe opened the studio door to give us their reaction to an initial viewing.  Sometimes even I am a bit taken aback by what all has been amassed here over the years.  It certainly is the best possible environment for recording USG episodes or writing for this and my own website.

And last but by no means least, the final video in the series (probably for now).  The man who traveled nearly 9,000 miles to hold the world record of distance traversed to see the TOSI, Stu from the Midnight Movie Cowboys!  Watch as he takes the pleasure from the studio!  (Okay, I could not resist my absolute favorite Blade Runner reference, with apologies to Stu.)

Remember, we want to see YOUR collection!  E-mail us the pictures of your collection (or even video!) to or

So Rick, how do you "unprivate" these videos?

They be "unprivated" enjoy!

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