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Final Weekly Doctor Visit (Till November): THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR

Hey Everybody, Rick here and I have to say that I will miss writing these for the site until November.
Especially with what happens in this episode!  But alas, I will hold true to my non spoiler clause to leave what is seen in the episode a surprise as per usual!

What 's the episode called?: The Name of the Doctor

Who's responsible?: Current Doctor Who showrunner and insane genius Stephen Moffat.

What's it about?: The Doctor and his friends face off with the Great Intelligence as he tries  to reveal the Doctor's longest held and darkest secret.   His own name.

How did Rick Like It?: The opening teaser is insane.  I was absolutely gobsmacked by how  they pulled off what they pulled off and it caught me completely off guard.  The result is beautiful and seamless in a way that I never anticipated.  There are new villains called the Whisper Men and they are terrifying.  The twists and turns throughout are wonderful and that final revelation   No words.  Mainly because I want nothing to do with spoiling it.  We however do get to see the Doctor's final resting place for his (presumably) 13th and final incarnation and the repercussions of all his time travel throughout the past 50 years.  The huor and the action as usual is spot on.  This is one of the best of the season for sure!

Final Rating: A strong way to end the season and one hell of a cliffhanger to November!  A+

Next Up: Well, no more  Doctor until November BUT there are a couple of things coming out that I will be doing a weekly thing on for sure!  The first of which is....


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