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Weekly Doctor Visits: Cold War

Rick here withe the latest Weekly Doctor Visit.  My apologies for it being a bit late.  Things have been
insane here on the homefront as we are preparing for the arrival or the fourth member of this soon to be geeky quartet so there might  be a slight lag between the release day of the episode and the article.  Anyway, that aside, let's get to it!

Episode: COLD WAR

What's it about?: The Doctor and Clara wind up stranded on a submarine that has unearthed one of the Doctor's oldest nemeses, an Ice Warrior that has not been seen (but alluded to throughout the 50 years of the Doctor) since the days of the Doctor's Second incarnation.

How did Rick like it?: This is one of the best episodes of the season.  The cramped quarters of the submarine and the reason why Clara and the Doctor are trapped on board is something that I had never seen before.  I am sure it would have come up in earlier adventures of the Doctor but this was a new aspect that I was quite happy to discover.  The stuff with the Ice Warriors was creepy, and appropriately so.  I cannot say what we get to see the Ice Warriors do in this episode as that would be spoiling in a huge way but it is damn impressive and one of the high points of the episode for me.  Definitely a lot of fun and one of my favorite episodes of this season!

Final Rating: A

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