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Rick here with a twofer Doctor Visit  Like I said, baby prep and a few personal situations going on this past week really took an emotional toll on things for me and also sapped away a ton of my time.  That said, better late than never, right? With that in mind, I figured I would get both reviews done for last week and this week and get caught up in one shot.  As usual, I will refrain from any major spoilers.  Ready? Here we go!


What's It About?: The Doctor and Clara investigate a ghostly presence  in a mansion but it seems like it will be much more than a regular haunting.

How did Rick Like It?: Of the episodes this season, this is one that I was looking forward to quite a bit because I love a good ghost story.  Ultimately, it did not disappoint.   The performances were fantastic throughout, including Dougray Scott as the professor who is investigating the haunting before the Doctor and Clara make their appearance and  take matters into their hands.  The twist in the episode is fantastic and  leads to even more fun moments.  Definitely a strong episode but a touch weaker than the previous weeks' Cold War.

Final Verdict: A-

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

What's It About?: The TARDIS crashes and the Doctor and Clara are separated.  They now have to traverse the whole of the TARDIS to reunite and stop a catastrophic event from happening.

How did Rick Like It?: We get to see areas of the TARDIS that we have never seen.  It is known fact that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside, and this episode we get to see just how big.  There are some decent jump scares and some crazy action beats.   All in all, it is a nice way to take the Doctor and his companion off the world hopping for an episode and yet again give them a claustrophobic environment that stands on its own as its own world.   The neat thing is that we get to see some really important things that exist within the confines of the TARDIS.  One of which is the Eye of Harmony, the power source of the TARDIS.   Some other surprises abound and a hit at what is to come later this season as well!  Fun, fun stuff.

Final Verdict:  A

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