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Low budget horror is one of those things that is a rare commodity these days. Especially when the film in question is from a large studio. The film I am referring to of course is the latest Evil Dead film. 

I had watched the previous films in preparation for this latest entry but rather than talk about them on the site, I decided to let this one speak for itself. After all, this is the first film in the Evil Dead series that was not directed by Sam Raimi. It was directed by first time feature length film director Fede Alvarez who gained popularity for his short film Panic Attack. Raimi had a hand in this film however as producer. The resulting film is well...

Let's be honest here. I genuinely liked the movie.  A lot. There are some definite fun moments and the practical effects and gore are incredibly top notch. The film has the right sense of dread and scares that definitely make this a worthy successor to Raimi's Evil Dead films. The make up effects are terrifyingly awesome and the ways that each character gets systematically destroyed is increasingly more and more insane. Jane Levy as Mia is a revelation in her role as the tortured junkie who has been brought to her parent's cabin by her friends in a last ditch effort to help her kick her drug habit. When she gets possessed by whatever is in the woods, Levy kicks up her performance to a notch that I never expected. She becomes incredibly terrifying and the make up effects done on Levy only make her performance even more so.  

I didn't have issue with Shiloh Fernandez who played Mia's brother, David.  Fernandez brought a great hero element to the movie and his performance was one of the better ones in the movie.  However, if I have any kind of issue with this movie, it would be two of the characters.  Olivia played by Jessica Lucas is supposed to be a registered nurse and yet she is absolutely unbelievable.  She does absolutely NOTHING to  make us believe that at any point she is a registered nurse.  Also, if there is a character that gets my ire even more than  Olivia, it would be Eric, played by Lou Taylor Pucci.  His decisions make me absolutely crazy.  Pucci's performance was fine but the decisions his character makes  

I am going into mild spoilers but if you have seen the trailer, you know what I am about to talk about.  Eric
decides to open the book that was WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE and reads the passages from the book that has stuff scrawled inside telling people NOT to read the passages!   This kind of horror movie stupidity just annoys the living hell out of me to no end.  I get that there needs to be a catalyst for the evil to arrive and torture the people in the cabin but is it necessary for them to ignore the warnings in the book instead of just getting rid of the blasted thing?

Just a minor quibble I have about the flick because once things pick up, the movie goes from zero to 60 and quickly with its horrific moments and a massive amount of bodily fluid that gets splattered all over the walls and the cast for that matter.  I found it to be less scary and more disturbing.  Even still, it was creepy as all hell and fun for that matter. Even the nods to the previous films in the series were very welcome.  My hat is off to director Fede Alvarez, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for breathing life back into the Evil Dead franchise.  I am very much looking forward to seeing what they will have in store for us in future installments!  

Final Rating: A-

OH and a note to the uninformed: This movie is not because of "CABIN IN THE WOODS."  This is not a redo, this is not a remake of that.  This is a continuation of a franchise that was around LONG before "Cabin in the Woods" was even an idea in the heads of Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon so PLEASE stop the comparison and just go enjoy the movie!  

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