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The All-Con 2013 Podcasters Summit!

Hey Everybody Rick here with video from an event from All-Con 2013. In 2010, Andrew Farmer of the USG and "Hey Kids Comics!" had the idea to suggest a podcasting summit of the local people from the area and/or our friends who involved in podcasting. I shot for the moon on the first one. I invited people from the Muppetcast, Midnight Movie Cowboys, Nowhere in Mulberry, Film Thugs, and the now defunct Hollywood Saloon with Andrew moderating. Only Midnight Movie Cowboys Nowhere in Mulberry showed up and Andrew was not able to make it. Good ideas never stay dead for long however so I decided to do another podcaster summit with Andy moderating. I cast a wide net for this one and because most of the people were going to be at All-Con already, it worked out that we had a record TEN participants this time around. Unfortunately, Andrew was unable to make it due to work commitments and therefore the moderating duties fell yet again to me. The video was taken by the fantastic crew of SCNS: LIVE! and I am most grateful to them because the audio that I had captured was sadly unusable. That said, this was a tremendous amount of fun to record and I am thrilled that it went so well despite my uneasy nervousness. Check it out, enjoy and then visit these fantastic shows because they are truly awesome!

Here are the links for each show!  Thanks again guys!  Looking forward to doing this again next year!!

SCNS: Live!
The Nerd Show
The Fellowship of the Geeks
The DELoL Show
Midnight Movie Cowboys
JediCole Universe


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