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The Core Four Explore and More at All-Con 2013

JediCole here with continuing preshow coverage of All-Con 2013 that spans three sites (this one of course as well as The JediColeUniverse and Convention Awareness Project – Texas).  In this first USG feature I will cover some of what our fearless leader Rick has in mind for himself, Andrew, Catherine and me over the course of the weekend. 

Alternate Dimensionality
The theme for All-Con this year is Fractured Time, one of the most open-ended themes ever.  And like last year the USG will produce a special show that will be recorded live in front of an audience.  Last year we tackled the “end of the world” theme with Duck and Cover, an exploration of what movies and television taught us about what to expect from and how to survive almost any Armageddon scenario.  So this year we are going full bore into the unknown with a look at how alternate dimensions have been portrayed in the popular culture. 

Rick, Andrew, and Cole prepare for the show.
From the obvious like the assorted realities encountered by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprises to the truly obscure like discussing whether or not the Land of the Lost was an alternate reality or just a subterranean realm that time (and physics) forgot.  There is no shortage of alternate realities, parallel universes, lost worlds, and other pockets in time/space.  Let the Core Four be your guides into the bizarre and ever changing pseudo-science of Alternate Dimensionality.

Don’t Lose Your Geek Card – Sadistically Difficult Disney Trivia Edition
A presentation of the USG and Rediscovering the Magic, Rick and his Disney podcast co-host Roy will serve up some of the most brutal Disney trivia to be found this side of the Magic Kingdom.  If you think you know all about the House of the Mouse then you just might hang onto enough of your Geek Cards to survive this game show. 

Don’t Lose Your Geek Card pits three contestants against one another in a “three strikes and your out” trivia completion where they stake one of their three Geek Cards against correct answers.  But there are rewards for the knowledgeable in the form of randomly placed Bonus Cards (which act as extra Geek Cards) and Prize Cards (which give the contestant an extra prize for a correct answer), sometimes both!  But there is more!  This is the only incarnation of Don’t Lose Your Geek Card that is sponsored entirely by the United States of Geekdom.  As such Rick has included an element unique to his past Amazing Comicast and USG shows, prizes for all three contestants! 

Yes, it’s true!  The champion player will receive a Disney prize package that includes prizes representative of Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Jim Henson Studios, Marvel Comics, and the latest addition to the Disney fold, Lucasfilm, Ltd!    There are also prizes for the second and third place contestants in addition to any garnered from the ever-popular “It’s a Prize!” cards.

Fluxx U and Fluxx U Advanced
Would you like to play a game?  How about the fun and never-the-same-game-twice card game Fluxx?  But perhaps you have never played Fluxx before.  Or played it once years ago and have forgotten most of the rules and dynamics.  Or you play it a lot but never want to miss a chance to play it again.  No matter what, you should attend Fluxx U!

A co-production with our sponsor Roll 2 Play, Rick is hosting two special classes during the day on Friday and Saturday at All-Con in advance of open Fluxx gaming (see below) each of those evenings.  First timers will definitely want to check out this informative and interactive panel where various incarnations of Fluxx (original, zombie, Monty Python, Cthulhu, and the sci-fi themed Star Fluxx).  Get the scoop on how to play and the best strategies in preparation for…

Get Fluxx-ed
The USG’s Rick Gutierrez hosts open game play of Fluxx (various incarnations) both Friday and Saturday night.  If you attended Fluxx U and want to test your new found skills or you just want a fun game to play as a break from drinking at the room parties or attending panels and contests, then you need to join Rick and others at table for fun and laughter.  And a good Fluxx!

Podcaster's Summit 2013
The first Podcaster's Summit was held at All-Con 2011 and was a great start to a new tradition.  And like any good tradition the next incarnation is going to occur on Saturday night.  The brainchild of the USG’s Andrew Farmer, this panel brings together a bewildering variety of podcasts as represented by some of the folks who make the online magic. 

Represented this year, in addition to the United States of Geekdom, are Sassycast, The JediCole Universe, Midnight Movie Cowboys, SCNS Live, The Fellowship of the Geeks, The Nerd Show, Raddcast, and The DELOL Show.

But there is more to the Summit than just education, though if you are not careful you just might learn something.  Indeed there will be a lot of laughs as this collection of highly creative individuals gathers to talk about all of the things they love.  What got them into podcasting in the first place?  What keeps them at it year after year?  What is it like to have someone recognize your voice and ask if you are a podcaster?  These and other questions are bound to be addressed at this year’s Podcasters Summit!

Zombie Manor Top Zombie
The USG and Zombie Manor (Arlington, TX) team up for a second great year of bringing zombies to the forefront – pageant style.  Groaners, moaners, shamblers, crawler, creepers, and other brain-starved undead will converge on the stage to vie for the honor of Top Zombie 2013! 

What they lack in life and social graces, the zombies of this competition more than make up for in spirit and heart (even thought their spirits have long since left them and their hearts, if still intact, no long beat).  You don’t want to miss this lively (and lifeless) contest that is fun for the living and undead alike.  Bring your zombie and compete or just watch from the audience and hope that none of the contestants think you have a cranium ripe for tasting.  Rick Gutierrez hosts along with some of the fine Zombie Wranglers and other folks of Zombie Manor.

We hope to see you at All-Con 2013...and tell 'em The United States of Geekdom sent ya!


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