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Keen On Conventions in Texas?

Then you need to check out the latest updates over at Convention Awareness Project - Texas!  

JediCole has tirelessly tracked conventions all over the Lone Star State in 2013.  February is going to be a busy one with no less than nine conventions during the course of the month!  You can get all of the info on February right here.

If you want to know more about the rest of the year, check out the latest 2013 update page.  In the last two weeks six conventions have been added to the list and more may yet appear as they are discovered (please contact me if I have missed any).  If you are in Texas or like to travel here for conventions then remember, You Can't Go If You Don't Know!

And be sure to check out more fun at the parent site of CAP-TX, The JediCole Universe.  PLUG!


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