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Random Bit of LOONEY Day 5: Frank Tashlin

One of the lesser known (but still important regardless) animators to come out of Termite Terrace and Warner Brothers is Frank Tashlin.  His animation style was very fast in comparison to some of the other animators out of this group.   Tashlin had a distinguished career ranging from Warner Bros. to Disney, and even former Disney animator Ub Iwerks and his studio.  The cartoon we bring you here today is one that we talk about in the podcast.  Be warned however, there are caricatures of stereotypes that in today's audience we may find offensive.  These stereotypes were not funny then, and are not funny now.  However, this complete version of "Have You Got Any Castles" remains as such because were it to be cut, it would be compromising Tashlin's artistry and there is some really neat stuff at work here.  Enjoy!


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