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Random Bit of LOONEY! Day 2: Robert McKimson

Robert McKimson is the creative mind behind two of my favorite Looney Toons Characters.  Foghorn Leghorn and the Tasmanian Devil.  Both are hysterically funny for very different reasons.  Forhorn Leghorn fir his complete idiocy when it comes  to all things and his thinking he knows everything about everything, and the Tasmanian Devil's complete insanity.  Due largely in part to the vocal work courtesy of Mel Blanc, these two characters became instant classics.  McKimson directed every single cartoon that Foghorn Leghorn appeared in so it was tough in trying to pick one cartoon to show today.  That said, if I have a favorite, it is anytime Foghorn Leghorn crosses paths with the weasel, hilarity ensues.  Enjoy and come back tomorrow for more Looney awesomeness!


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