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Holiday Doctor Visit: The SNOWMEN!

Merry Christmas!  Rick here with a look at the latest  Christmas Special in addition to the latest episode of Doctor Who!  Being that they are one and the same, this is a most fortuitous thing!

Christmas for Doctor Who has always been something synonymous with the character and his exploits.  The reason being that the Doctor loves the holiday because it shows humanity (which he loves dearly) at its best. He also has a fondness for the food, the songs, and everything to do with the holiday in general; especially an excuse to wear a ridiculous hat.

In recent years, the Doctor Who Christmas Special provides a bridge between seasons and have some really entertaining "one off" type adventures that we don't get in the regular season.  In recent years we have seen the Doctor deal with an alien invasion, a bride who accidentally materializes in the TARDIS, the sinking of the Titanic in space , a possible future Doctor, his own mortality, a futuristic Ebeneezer Scrooge, and being on an alien ship in a collision course to Earth .  This year bring us....


(As per usual, I will attempt to steer as clear as possible from spoilers...)

Picking up shortly after the tremendous loss of Rory and Amy (sorry to spoil that but if you have not seen the episode by now, then there is something seriously wrong with you!), the Doctor has retired from time travel.  When a mysterious woman from the Doctor's past comes back into his life, he is launched back into adventuring in a big way.

How did I like it?: The titular Snowmen are sufficiently creepy and have a really fun look.  So much so that I wanted so much more    If there is a complaint there, it is that they are barely in the episode.  However, the episode belongs very much to the co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara.  She is a revelation and she is definitely set to come back as the Doctor's Companion!  How they will connect together, I cannot say as that would be spoiling for sure.  Even still, she makes for a compelling character, and her rapport with the Doctor is quite fun.  The humor is very entertaining in this episode including a mistaken identity joke that had me laughing out loud.  Otherwise, this was a definite step down from the previous episodes this season.  Even still, "The Snowmen" was a strong entry and definitely worth your time...

Final Rating: A-

Weekly Doctor Visits will resume as soon as the show starts up again!


It seems that they want to re do the show when companions change. New Tardis interior, new opening sequence.
I'm happy with this episode.
Just wish I had a TIME MACHINE to go to
the beginning of the next season!

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