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Cult Film Fanatics: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Showgirls!

Cult Film Fanatics is finally back after a brief absence, and they are back with two giants in the world of cult cinema. First, one of the greatest horror films of all time THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Does this film still hold up after all this time? We weigh in on that subject and more. Then, one of the greatest train wrecks in cinema history SHOWGIRLS. Does this film have an appeal outside of female and gay male fans? We find out, and also ponder just what was going through Jessi Spano's mind. So get ready to THRUST IT! as we dive into another fun filled episode of Cult Film Fanatics!

WARNING: Because both of these movies are rated R, we recommend that parental discretion be exercised for this episode.  Foul language and adult situations abound.  You have been warned!

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