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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Crying Turtles!

Hey everybody Rick here. As I said in my article on Geekdom and Fatherhood, Oliver is a new fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As a fan of them myself, you have no idea how thrilled I am that he discovered these characters on his own!  This is something I grew up with and now I get to share this love for the characters with him.  That said, during the 90s, the phenomenon of the Turtles was so huge that they  had the toy line, the cartoon, the video games, a live action movie (with puppetry by the Jim Henson Creature Shop), a rock concert tour, AND they even got an interview with Barbara Walters.  Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong with the mechanism that was supposed to make Donatello cry and the video!  Enjoy!


I went to a Ninja turtles concert at Six Flags over Texas when I was a kid. This was the same day that i lost my super new super cool glasses on the Shock Wave. I saw nothing heard everything and cried like a baby when the pictures the family took were blurry and well just crap.

Remember when you you couldn't view the picture first?

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