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On Geekdom and Fatherhood

Yes, that is a copy of Fantastic Four Annual #1. And Yes, we are the proud owners!
Rick here.  You know, I never thought I would end up in the position that I am in now.  I always wanted to be a father.  I knew that were I to get married, that kids would have to be something that would happen for me.  Nine years ago, I married my wife Molly.   She is a geek like me but for other things that are not exactly my forte.  Nothing wrong with that.  She is quite brilliant and knows her 80s music in ways I could never even hope to know but we share a love for Doctor Who, the Marvel films, Disney, and Tim Burton among other things.

The Invincible Iron Kid!
Anyway, our son Oliver was born in 2008.  I knew as soon as I found out it was a boy, the first thing I had to buy.  After ensuring that both wife and son were okay in the hospital, I rushed out to the toy store down the street and bought my then newborn son a Batman shirt.  A Batman shirt that he would not wear for at least a couple of years.  Wishful thinking on my part? Perhaps.  I am not sure.  I can say with most certainty that this Batman shirt would come into play more than I would have ever anticipated.   

As it would turn out, Oliver takes very much after me in quite a few aspects.  He LOVES Disney.  Though, I think all kids do at his age.  The Pixar films became a definite favorite of his.  The first two movies he ever saw were Toy Story 1 and 2 at a very early age of about One.  Buzz and Woody instantly became favorites of his.  However, one of his first words?  Batman. I might have had something to do with this.  

I try not to push my interests on my kid.  It can be difficult sometimes not to but I tend to let him discover his love for stuff on his own.  I will however introduce new things to him that I have a feeling that he will like it for whatever reason.  I will get into an example of this in a moment but on the topic of Batman, I am a huge fan of the DC Animated Universe up to and including the fantastic Batman: The Animated Series.  I went through a bout of unemployment soon after Oliver turned six months and so we began to watch a lot of cartoons together.  

The Geek Child

As luck would have it, watching a six month old involves quite a bit of downtime because of their sleeping habits. However, while he was awake, we would watch Batman: The Brave and the Bold a lot.  Thankfully, this is a more kid friendly show in terms of the adventures of everyone's favorite Caped Crusader when compared to The Animated Series.  He was hooked.  Batman quickly became a favorite of his and as a result, we now share a love for the character.  And because of this, Oliver would at times insist in wearing the Batman shirt I had bought for him all that time ago...

Two Geeks and their favorite Super-Hero!
Soon after that, we started watching the Justice League cartoons and he fell in love with the various characters from that show as well.   He is able to name the top members of the JLA without even blinking an eye.  Oliver just discovered the wonders that are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I grew up on that and it thrills me that he discovered that on his own!  Marvel's The Avengers is in heavy rotation on the blu ray. Not because of me, I assure you, although I quite loved that movie.  On our trip to Florida, we went to Islands of Adventure and Oliver got to meet Spider-Man.  That was the topper of the day for him.  Nothing else that we saw that day no longer mattered because he got to meet one of his favorite superheroes!    

Needless to say, he is quickly becoming a fan of superheroes and even has insisted on sleeping in our guest room because it had (up until recently) all my superhero action figures.  Those figures are being moved into what I affectionately refer to as the Geek Room which is being converted into an office for a very special reason.

Game Change

This trio posing with Mickey are soon to be a quartet!  
A few months ago, we found out that Molly is pregnant again.  We are expecting out second child in 2013.  Boy, girl, I cannot say what it will be as of yet.  What will be his/her likes? Will he/she be as much of a geek as Oliver is?  Will I run out to the nearest store and buy another Batman shirt as I did with Oliver?  I am not sure.  At this point in time, the only thing that matters to me is that the baby is healthy and that both Molly and baby come home to Oliver and I safely and alive.  We are about to be a geeky family of four and what he or she will like I don't know but I know part of the fun will be getting to know this new arrival to the world.  2013 cannot happen soon enough because there is much fun to be had and new adventures to experience.  Especially with a new baby on the way!  That said, we will be taking a break in June to get the new addition to the family settled in and then the geeky fun will continue!



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