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Disney Buys Lucasfilm. An Editorial

To all you haters, purists, revisionists, and people who are freaking out about Lucasfilm getting bought by Disney, I have two words for you....


This is hardly the beginning of the End Times.  Being someone who was born in 1977, I am a hardcore Star Wars nut.  I have been since I was a little guy and I continue to be to this day.  Sure, I don't watch the Clone Wars cartoons and the prequels are not exactly my favorite movies OF ALL TIME, but  I still watch them because despite their flaws, they are pretty fun.  And the original trilogy?  Well the original trilogy is in my regular rotation of movies that I watch all the time so needless to say that I am a fan in a big way.

The purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney is a good thing.  I say this because in his video to the fans, George Lucas himself expressed his desire to keep his characters evergreen.  And honestly, who better to do this than the company that has been hosting attractions based on his characters for the last two (almost three) decades?  Let's face it.  George is getting on in years and he expressed earlier this year that he was done doing Star Wars.  I could not say I blamed him.  However, I knew there were always more stories to be told and so much stuff to pull from that could be adapted that I did feel it was a shame.  I know Cole would disagree with me about Expanded Universe stuff getting adapted but I am sure it is an eventuality.  Perhaps not in this lifetime but I am sure with Disney now in control, anything can happen.

That said, yes, Lucas walked away with Four Billion Dollars and a creative consultant credit for the movies.  Disney walked away with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lucas' efffects house Industrial Light and Magic, among other things that came out of Lucasfilm. So it is pretty much win win so far.  The fans are the ones who will be rewarded the most though.  We get more theme park attractions, we get that long awaited Star Wars TV show that has been in and out of production with some actual strong funding now, and in 2015, we start getting more Star Wars movies.

Wait, what?!?

YES! In 2015, Disney will be releasing Star Wars Episode VII, effectively continuing the story from a long time ago in that galaxy far, far away.  Whether or not it will feature the core cast of characters from episodes IV to VI remains to be seen.  However, the treatment for Episode VII is done and it is in early development. Lucas has said it is time to hand the creative reins over to new filmmakers and I could not agree more.  There is no reason for Disney to screw it up at all.  Look at their acquisition of Marvel.  The brand has never been stronger.  Look at the wonderful work that Disney did with the Muppets.  Good can come from this in a HUGE way.  It means Star Wars will continue to live on so that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren can enjoy it.  

Also, on the topic of Indiana Jones.  Here is where things get really interesting.  As it turns out, Dreamworks has a 30 movie deal with Disney right now.  Spielberg is one of the heads of Dreamworks so it is only natural that Disney would bring Steven Spielberg in to potentially develop more adventures for Indiana Jones.  Also, now with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy as the number two under Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horne, the possibility of a return to a Roger Rabbit movie has now been made a bit larger.  For those not aware, Kathleen Kennedy is very much involved in Amblin, Spielberg's production company as well and Roger Rabbit was released by Amblin.

The sky's the limit here folks. It is an extremely interesting time to be a Star Wars fan and a geek in general.  That said, let's get a dialogue going here.  What are your thoughts on this acquisition?  We want to know!  


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