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Bondstravaganza Day 5: Everything or Nothing

So James Bond and video games are a bit of a mixed bag. The really good ones include first person shooter of "Goldeneye," which is one of THE iconic video games of the 1990s.  The video game version of "From Russia With Love" is a welcome return to form for Sean Connery reprising the role he made famous all those years ago.  Then there is "Everthing or Nothing," featuring Pierce Brosnan reprising the role of 007 with such people like Heidi Klum, Mya, Shannon Elizabeth, and Willem Dafoe as the villain who has ties with Max Zorin, the villain from "A View to a Kill" as the supporting cast.  This game also features the return of another icon of the franchise, Richard Kiel as JAWS!!  The gameplay was pretty fun and some of the action setpieces were pretty incredible.  That said, they did put quite a bit into the game.  Including a title sequence.  Check it out!  Enjoy!


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