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Weekly Doctor Visits Week Three: A TOWN CALLED MERCY

Hey Everybody Rick here with my review of Episode 3 of the new season of Doctor Who!  As usual, I will try to stay as spoiler free as possible.  Ready? Here we go!

Episode: A Town Called Mercy

Synopsis (Spoiler Free for your Enjoyment): The Doctor and his companions arrive to a town in the Old West that is being guarded by a cybernetic Gunslinger who has set up a perimeter around town not allowing anyone in or out.

Best Quote from the Episode: "I see keep out signs as suggestions more than orders.  Like dry clean only."

How did Rick Like It?: This episode has a slightly slower pace but it is still fun regardless.  The gunslinger character is creepy and awesome at the same time.  The setting is a welcome change of pace over the scenarios involving yet another spaceship or planet.  The Doctor gets a most unexpected (temporary) companion in this episode and his banter with that character, is quite amusing to no end.  The acting, as usual, is spot on and it continues to be one of the best acted TV shows in this day and age.  The building of tension is quite excellent as well and the use of the Western sets impressive.  All in all, yet another excellent episode!

Final Rating: A+

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There were plenty of moments that conjure up old spaghetti westerns and even elements of Kurosawa classics. I was reminded of the doctors current age in this episode. Kind of off the cuff he remarks "... I'm over 1200 years old." still sits with me funny. I suppose that bit was to help the fans understand the motivation behind his actions in this episode. True to this incarnation of The Doctor we see rebellion and true anger mixed with forced introspection. This is a great episode for fans of The Doctor and his potential ability to loose his arguably acquired humanity.

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