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Weekly Doctor VIsits Week 5: THE ANGELS TAKE MANHATTAN

Rick here with the latest (and final for now) episode for Doctor Who!  As usual, spoilers will be refrained as much as I can but this one may be a bit difficult given what happens in this episode.

Episode: The Angels Take Manhattan

Synopsis: The Angels from the infamous "Blink" episode are back and they have managed to take Rory into the 1930s.  River Song returns to stir up some trouble and Rory and Amy say farewell to the series.

How did Rick Like it?: I am not a fan of River Song.  She is a by-product of the Russel T. Davis era of the Doctor that I can honestly do without.  That said, this episode is strong stuff.  Moffats' script is the strongest yet and the Angels are terrifying in many aspects this time around.  We even get to see other versions of the Angels in the shape of the Cherubim.  Those little bastards are even creepier than the Angels!  The final goodbye for Amy and Rory is a gut punch.  While it is not as heartbreaking as Roses' departure, it is still a strong farewell.

FINAL RATING: A. Strong writing, strong performances and the Angels continue to be one of the creepiest monsters in the Who Lexicon.

NEXT UP......

Nothing till December where we get our annual Christmas Special and the introduction to the new Companion!  The Doctor Visits will resume then.  Thanks for reading!

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