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Weekly Doctor Visits Week 1: ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS

Hey Everybody Rick here with a new weekly series focusing on the new season of Doctor Who.  I have a small confession to start with.  I have (to date) see only the first four episodes of the Matt Smith Doctor.  I have seen the several previous seasons but school and life in general took the front seat to staying caught up with the Good Doctor.   Having said that, I am simultaneously watching the first two seasons of the Matt Smith Doctor and also watching the current season which starts off with a super strong entry right out the gate.

Before I go further, I will try to stay away from spoilers as much as I can but  some aspects might have to be touched upon.  Just to make you aware...

Asylum of the Daleks follows the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams as they are brought before the Dalek Parliament and are forced to help them by going to the Dalek Asylum, where a ship was said to
crash into and potentially release the most insane Daleks into the universe.

To say more would be spoiling the wonderful, startling, and often heartbreaking surprises that Stephen Moffat and company have cooked up for us.  The performances are, as expected excellent.  Matt Smith is clearly having the time of his life as the Doctor, as he should.  However, my favorite performance of the episode is that of an actress names Jenna-Louise Coleman playing Oswin.  To say more about this character would be spoiling but she makes you fall in love with her and causes you to root for her character in ways you never expected.

To close, Asylum of the Daleks is a definite strong episode to kick things off this season and a fun one to boot as Moffat brings the nostalgia factor to the proceedings with Daleks from just about every era of Doctor Who dating back from the days of William Hartnell.  That alone is enough to make you sit down and watch the episode!


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Bad Form Sir. You can't possibly understand the various shades of growth each of the charecters has sustained if you are watching thier journey simulteaneously. As awesome as it would be to ignore the 4th deminsion for a while I think you might miss the little bits of change as each new and VERY MAJOR event occurs for the Doctor and Company.

Which is why I should be caught up on everything in the 11th Doctor's first season by the end of the week. The amount of downtime that I have between shifts is sufficient to get myself fully versed on everything going on in the show by the third episode of this current season. It also helps that these first few episodes of Matt Smith's new season work as standalones for the most part with some minor unifying threads! Thanks for your response!

I am looking forward to discussing many little nerdisms on this Doctor Who stuff. I have a limited number of people that care to get so "Meta" if you will.

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