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In the DFW Area? Want to do Some Fun Stuff? Here is How!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a bunch of stuff that is coming up very soon!  One of them coming up tomorrow!  Even still, here is a list of just a little bit of awesomeness ongoing in the DFW area!

Roll 2 Play Trivia Night

Tomorrow night, I will be co-hosting the second monthly Geek Trivia Night with our sponsors at Roll 2 Play!  I will be once again joined by Allison of Roll 2 Play and we will also be joined by the lovely and talented Ms. Taffeta Darling!  Come join us for an evening of fun, laughs, and an opportunity to win some money!  Registration starts at 6:30 and the questioning starts at 7:00!  This is at Roll 2 Play's brick and mortar store located at 150 S. Denton Tap Road, Ste. 111 in Coppell!  

The Hawkline Monster

I am in a show!  The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan is a book that has been attempted to be adapted multiple times with no success.  This however is a stage adaptation of the novel and it is a lot of fun. We have two weeks left and the Hip Pocket Theater is a wonderful outdoor venue in Fort Worth.  Come check it out!  Curtain is at 8:15 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Avenue Q

One of my very favorite musicals is Avenue Q. A parody of Sesame Street, it is profanely funny, the puppetry is incredible, and the story and songs are a lot of fun.  It is showing in the DFW area and it has been extended a second time through to the end of October!  Theater Three Dallas is a wonderful venue and yes, the tickets are $40 but the show is so thoroughly entertaining that it is well worth the ticket price.  Go check it out because it is a truly entertaining show!

G.I. Joe Collector Show

Cole, (maybe Catherine) and myself will be in attendance debuting our new banners for our respective shows and spreading the geeky word at this con.  Please come and enjoy the convention, stop by our table and have a great time with a bunch of like minded G.I. Joe geeks.  Admission is free.  Here is the site for more information!  The convention is October 6th!

Zombie Manor

Our friends at Zombie Manor are back for another haunt season and they have some killer new effects added to the spooky proceedings!  This year is going to be incredible for the DFW Haunts and Zombie Manor has had some truly killer evenings early on this haunt season and it can only get better!  Check them out here at this link!

That's it for now.  October is going to be a fun month!  More events soon!


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