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United States of Geekdom Episode 46: Dukes is the Breaking Bad of the 80s!

YEE HAW!!!!  Welcome the United States of Geekdom, the podcast that talks about what makes us geeks go tick!  We are trilled to bring you this, our 46th episode where we are joined by Francisco Hernandez of USG West Coast and we talk about Dukes of Hazzard!  In an effort to class things up, Cole brings up Les Miserables and compares it to Dukes of Hazzard and we run with it.  The show is also compared to Shakespeare and Sondheim for some odd reason. We also talk about the horrendous pile that is the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

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Music and clips used in the episode:
Clips from Dukes of Hazzard
"Cripple Creek"
"Just the Good Old Boys" by Waylon Jennings
"The General Lee" by Johnny Cash
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