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The United States of Geekdom Movie Trilogy Concludes

JediCole here with the conclusion of my USG film trilogy. Or at least the casting call for said film as we lack the budget and interest on the part of the general public to make these films a reality. So buy your ticket, grab a large popcorn with extra “butter”, and find the best seat in the theatre of the mind as you discover USG3: Geeks in Space!

If you missed out on the casting of the first two films you can find them here: USG the Movie, USG2: World War Geek.

Count Vladimir Dracula is dead but his menace lives on. Against the contingency of his ultimate and irreversible demise he had created an arsenal of rockets with samples of his own DNA in the warheads poised to spread his deadly essence throughout the cosmos. All but one of the rockets were disabled at the end of USG2: World War Geek, but one still rockets to the stars laced with the menace of the Lord of Vampires. What can the USG team possibly do to thwart intergalactic disaster?

The original cast (Ray Romano (Rick), Kevin Smith (Cole), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Andrew), and Carla Gugino (Catherine)) reprise their roles as the Core Four one last time as the USG trilogy comes to a heart-pounding conclusion. Hugh Jackman (Stu) and Burnadette Peters (Princess Draconia) are also slated to return.

Jack Black as Hunter Duesing
For the first time Hunter takes an active role in the globe-spanning adventures of the USG. As hinted in the post-credit cookie at then end of USG2, Stu survived the combined onslaught of Shelley Winters and Count Dracula. Hunter is recruited by his Midnight Movie Cowboys co-host as a team is assembled to take to the stars. Hunter does not realize what Stu has long suspected, his very DNA is the key that will reactivate a colossal alien spacecraft long buried under Graceland. But can Hunter and Stu outwit Graceland security, the Memphis Police, and an army of Elvis-Bots to requisition the spaceship in time to get the USG team into space in time?

Zach Galifianakis as Roy Buckingham

Cult Film Fanatics/Rediscovering the Magic co-host Roy is forced to reveal his most closely guarded secret in order to come to the aid of the USG. The ghosts of the past come back to haunt the troubled podcaster as he must return to his ninja roots despite swearing a solemn to never return to his clandestine past. With the fate of the universe in the balance a choice must be made and he is forced to don the midnight black garb left to him by his long dead ninjitsu master.

Anthony Daniels as Mr. Primm

Soft spoken and unassuming, Mr. Primm is a deadly assassin in the employ of Dracula. Though his master is now dust, Primm is determined to carry out his final orders: stop the USG at all costs! And to draw out his prey he guns for other podcasters! Who will get caught in the crossfire of revenge?

Jude Law as Mitch Dracula

An unexpected ally for the Core Four comes in the form of the son of Dracula. After centuries of living in the shadow of his infamous father, Mitch emerges into the light (after dark of course) to reclaim the Dracula name and make it a synonym for good. Joining forces with his father’s enemies Mitch proves to be a vital member of the team as they bid earth farewell in search of the last vestiges of the vampire nemesis. But redemption does not come without a price.

Garrison Keillor as Moon Man

During a brief stop on the lunar surface the USG encounter a mysterious man who seems to have lived on the moon his entire life. When Rick and Andy discover him during an attempt to salvage vital components of a the Apollo 11 lunar lander. The man from the moon has not name and is quickly dubbed Moon Man. He agrees to accompany the adventurers and guide them on their quest. Despite his homespun nature, doubts begin to form in the minds of the USG team that remain throughout the story.

Chuck Norris as Frank Anderson, Jr.

From high atop his mountain stronghold Frank observes the launch of the USG spacecraft as it rocketed toward the stratosphere on a mission to destroy Count Dracula’s sole remaining rocket. Realizing the full measure of the danger that awaits the team beyond the solar system he summons his manticore, Astratath, and makes for the stars in pursuit. Can Frank prevent his own arch nemesis, Grand Emperor Kaaaaaalh, taking the intrepid team captive…forever?

Gilbert Gottfried as Grand Emperor Kaaaaaalh

Banished to a planetoid on the opposite side of Pluto, Kaaaaaalh was thought to no longer be a threat to the human race. But he has not taken his exile lightly and has spent the ensuing decades amassing a lizard army and secretly plotting with Count Dracula. While he anxiously awaits the arrival of his vampire master he prepares to curry favor by destroying the USG Core Four. Dracula’s resurrection seems inevitable.

William Shatner as himself

No USG tale would be complete without a cameo appearance by the team’s mentor and secret leader. Shater’s role in USG3 is the largest to date and the mysteries of his origins and that of the vast global network at his command are revealed!

Peter Jackson directs the film that marks the end of the JediCole produced United States of Geekdom film franchise. Be sure to stay after the credits to see the rumored cookie in which Ray Romano plays a dual role as himself in a scene depicting the long awaited confrontation of Rick by the comedian/actor himself!  Practical and digital effects will be provided again by Stan Winston Studios and WETA Workshop.  USG3: Geeks in Space is slated for a Christmas 2012 release.


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