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Rick Gets Interviewed By the Fellowship of the Geeks!

Hey Everybody, Rick here.  I will be completely honest here.  I never got into podcasting to get famous.  The idea of celebrity to me is repugnant as it tends to get to one's head and makes people act in ways that is incredibly uncharacteristic of them.  When I started Amazing Comicast, United States of Geekdom, and my Disney show Rediscovering the Magic getting famous off of a podcast was (and still is) the last thing on my mind.  I started the shows out of passion for something that I love.

The fact that I was deemed important enough to be on a panel at the STRIP Webcomics Expo with other podcasters let alone get interviewed by the Fellowship of the Geeks continues to surprise me even now.  I will never see myself as a celebrity.  I have no need to do so.  I see myself more as someone who works hard on something he loves with a passion and will continue to do so and hope that it shows in everything I do and talk about.  I am fortunate that I get invited to do these things and I am thankful and will continue to be as long as I am wanted.  **RANT  OVER**

Anyway, as I mentioned, the Fellowship of the Geeks were kindly enough to invite me to be interviewed by them and  I had a great time working with Thomas, Les, and Mike.  I talk about the history of the show, how we got the gang together to talk geek and I even drop some news about the future of the show!  Here is the video.  Enjoy!


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