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Big Bird Needs Your Help!

Hey everybody Rick here.  So the much anticipated documentary about the man who puppets Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch needs a little extra push out the door to start production.  Carroll Spinney is a national treasure.  His performance as these two iconically lovable characters from Sesame Street is something that has never been replicated as he has consistently performed these two for the past 43 years.

Here's how you can help.  Go to their kickstarter page and give some money to the cause. As of the writing of this article, they have less than seven days to reach their goal. All you need is to donate a dollar; more if you are able to do so.   The higher level donations get some really wonderful stuff. Here is the link to the KICKSTARTER.  Thank you for helping make this documentary a reality and allowing us to hear Carroll Spinney's story!


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