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United States of Geekdom Episode 44: "Now It's Tranzor Z, Whaddaya think of that?!?"

Welcome to the United States of Geekdom the podcast that talks about what makes us geeks go tick!  We now bring you this, our 44th episode where we are joined by Hunter Duesing of the Midnight Movie Cowboys as we talk about the anime revolution that hit the U.S. in the 1960s.  NOTE: Chances are, we missed some titles in out list.  That said, we would like to know which classic anime we might have missed.  Also, please excuse the audio issue at the beginning.  We were trying something new with the mixing of the sound for the opening and the music came in a little louder than we had anticipated.  Thankfully, the music only lasts for a small bit over the dialogue.   Please feedback us here on site, or e-mail us at  Thanks for listening!  Stay Geeky!

Music used in the episode...
Intro: King Kong Anime, Battle of the Planets, the original Astro Boy, and the soundtrack from the 2008 Speed Racer movie by Michael Giacchino
Outtro: Speed Racer main theme performed by Stan Bush

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