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MARVELous Rumblings out of San Diego!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a look at a tiny bit of news that came out of San Diego yesterday.  Normally, as a rule, I try not to cover Comicon because I know there are several other sites covering it because they are there.  However, there was some news that I am intrigued by that was announced in the Marvel/Iron Man 3 panel that I figured I would weigh in on because there is some definite stuff of interest to be discussed.

The first of the movies out the gate is Iron Man 3 which is currently halfway through production at the time of this article being written.  The first thing I want to address is the new suit. I know a lot of people were complaining about the look of the new suit.  I am of the mindset that I need to see the suit in motion before I make my final verdict.  I honestly think is looks good.  Different yes, but still good.  I am excited that Don Cheadle is back as War Machine.  I am excited that there will be more interplay between the two and that War Machine will see more action.  What I am super excited about though is Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin!  This was widely speculated for months now and this confirmation solidifies what had been set up by Jon Favreau from the first Iron Man movie.  I am hoping that Fin Fang Foom will be not far behind.  I know this is a longshot, but a fanboy can dream. 
Iron Man 3 opens May 3rd, 2013.

Next, Thor 2 was announced to have a new title.   Thor: The Dark World is an intriguing title as I know nothing about that this movie can and will involve.  I know that Loki is said to be in the movie so the fangirls who love the Tom Hiddleston can celebrate.  I have heard rumors that the Enchantress will be in the movie in a huge way and Natalie Portman will return as well.  Could that mean a Jane Foster/Enchantress smackdown in the card?  I have no idea.  Marvel Films president Kevin Feige was noticeably mum on the details during the panel on this according to the reports from the con.     
Thor: The Dark World opens November 8, 2013.  

A movie with a title far less cryptic is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  For those in the know, the Winter Soldier is a HUGE deal in the Captain America comics.  The Winter Soldier is Bucky haing been recovered by the Russians, given a bionic arm, and brainwashed to be a villain.  How this will differ from the comics, remains to be seen.  Also remaining to be seen is if Baron Zemo will be involved somehow, or if we will in fact see the return of Dr. Arnim Zola but this time as the funky looking robot thing with the chest screen.  For what it's worth, my money is on M.O.D.O.K rearing his ugly head.  The sky is the limit with both Cap and Thor to be sure.  
Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on my birthday April 4, 2014.  

Edgar Wright also made an appearance showing off some test footage and proof of concept for Ant-Man.  Apparently it was very well received and proves that the effects needed to pull off the shrinking and growing that the character does in the comics can be done.  At one point, Ant-Man shrinks down small enough to run on the barrel of a gun!  That alone has me excited on the possibilities of the character.  No cast and release date announced for Ant-Man mainly because Edgar Wright is working on the third part of his Blood and Cornetto Ice Cream trilogy with The World's End.  Even still, when he finally starts work on Ant-Man, we will all be able to rejoice!

Finally, a title that is going to be integral in setting up the smackdown that will happen in Avengers 2 was confirmed.  That movie, due out in 2014, is Guardians of the Galaxy!  No director announced and definitely no cast announced as of yet.  To be honest, I know a couple of characters from the team but not enough to really give any backstory on any of them.  The raccoon is Rocket Racoon, the big tree guy is Groot, and the green guy inn front of Groot is Drax the Destroyer.  That is where my knowledge ends.  However, out of all of the titles announced so far this past weekend, in my opinion, this is the most ambitious and yet important of the Marvel films to come out in the next couple of years.

Why you ask?  Some of the Guardians have a past with Thanos, the guy who was introduced in the mid credit sequence in The Avengers. So much so that this will likely have the big purple bad guy as the heavy in the proceedings of the movie.  The ensuing battle will have to spill over to Avengers.  Whether or not Thor will also be involved somehow also remains to be seen but that would definitely serve as an appropriate bridge to Avengers 2.   This is most definitely an exciting time for Marvel fans. Now that Avengers has been released in theaters, and has since hit the billion mark, there is no doubt that Marvel is going to up their game to keep pleasing the fans in ways we could have never imagined in our wildest dreams.  Marvel definitely seems to be getting just started on bringing the awesome and we have nothing to do but anticipate more geeky excitement!
Guardians of the Galaxy will invade theaters August 1, 2014. 

That's all I have for the moment.  I welcome comments, speculation and whatnot below, on the Facebook page, or via e-mail at  Stay geeky!


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