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Collector Sector for July 2nd - July 8th

Calm down you scrags, Andy isn't
really leaving the show.

Shane...come back Shane - wait, or is it Shame...come back, WAIT - noooo, not that crappy Batman episode.

Anyway, welcome to the Collector Sector, the place where geeks can get their freak on, if getting freaky means thumbing through a comic book while they are still in paper form, shamelessly hiding toys for yourself from children who dream about owning that Star wars toy (yeah I am looking at you JediCole) or geting giddy over a blu ray you plan to pick up first day, watch once, and never watch again, then we have got some good shee-yart for you.

So sit back and listen to Andy for the last time in the fileright section - no, he is not leaving the show, he has merely relegated himself to dick-and-fart jokes man.

Stay Pimpy.

Listen to this episode and then send Cole a postcard from San Diego Comic-Con saying 'Wish you were here'

Download this episode and then run out into the streets and tell the world "I am Butt Mouth" (right click and save)

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