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Buy Me, Fanboy! Presents: A “Hoarders” of Our Own

JediCole here with a little something that was brought to my attention by my good friend Todd. As you may know, I was approached some months back by the one of the producers of Toy Hunter, but was rejected as I had no desire to sell off any of my collection. In the mean time I have seen announcements for at least one other toy collecting show, but nothing quite like the one that I received just today. It seems that pop-culture collecting is really coming of its own after all of these years. For good or ill there is yet another show coming soon that showcases collectors, but sadly at the extreme fringe of the hobby.

On Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Syfy will premiere Collection Intervention. This six-episode series will focus on cases where collecting has become a detrimental obsession. The first episode will be one that I am sure will bring me to the minds of those that know me as it is reported to feature a couple who’s entire house has been swallowed up by a Star Wars collection that once took up a single room. A Catwoman fanatic is also featured in this initial episode who’s love of the Batman villain has become a financial threat. Who says Catwoman is just a jewel thief?

This new, if brief, series is hosted by Elyse Luray, former Head of Special Collections at Christie’s. The hour long episodes will bring Ms. Luray in contact with collectors who have taken their love of pop-culture icons too far. In such cases where collecting begins to tear away at finances, relationships, and social interaction it is certainly becomes equally detrimental to the cases profiled on Hoarders. The press release mentions such cases as a dining room stuffed with 30,000 comics and a house that has been “transformed” by Transformers memorabilia to the point of being uninhabitable. With the help of a collectibles expert it is likely that some of the folks featured on the show will see some financial windfalls if they are willing to part with the things that are the focus of their obsessions.

I am looking forward to seeing the approach that this show takes when presenting the cases at hand. While it is often difficult for collectors to be taken seriously by non-collectors, a show like this can be as detrimental to those of us who have massive but well managed collections as the hoarding of collectibles hidden away in piles of nondescript boxes are to those who go too extremes. There is not a fine line between collection and obsession, in fact it is a very broad line that is not so simple to cross. My only concern is that perceptions will be fostered that collectors who proudly display their treasures throughout their house will be looked upon as in the same light as those who’s hoarding manifests itself in Battlestar Galactica or Barbie collections rather than old newspapers or garage sale junk. I will say that I sincerely hope that the producers of this show treat the subject matter like a rare collectible and “handle with care”!

Collection Intervention
Tuesday, August 14
10 PM ET


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