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Better Than Superman!

JediCole here along with Andrew Farmer as we pay special tribute to the greatest super-hero in the known universe and beyond. None other than the United States of Geekdom’s own resident hero, PurrKayla!

If you have followed the USG then you know that we have had a long association with the feline hero who always lands on her feet. Well just today (Friday, July 13, 2012) I received a call via her cat-phone direct from the floor of San Diego Comic Con. The purpose of this call was to announce “mission accomplished” on getting her paws on the SDCC Exclusive Marvel Universe Masters of Evil boxed set! Purr and her human, Tom, utilized her cat-like prowess (and super-hero status) to make it onto the show floor early and pounce on these amazing toys at the Mattel booth and purrrrchase them on our behalf!

So naturally I wanted to celebrate PurKayla and Tom and share how, yet again, she is the number one super-hero to the USG and to her adoring fans everywhere! Thank you so much for making two goofy fanboys incredibly happy today! You truly are the best!

P.S. The Mighty Placeholder says hi.


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