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A Message From Rick...

As the showrunner and producer of the United States of Geekdom, I feel it necessary to weigh in on the events of the past 24 hours.  I know Cole posted a message speaking for all of us earlier but I felt the need to get few things off my chest as well.

I am grieving the loss of life in Aurora Colorado in a huge way.  Nothing this horrible and senseless should have to happen ever.  Least of all during what is essentially a celebration of fan community getting together to see their favorite super hero on the big screen.

I have a friend who nearly went to the screening where the shooting happened and had that happened, the last thing I would have talked about with him would have been a poop joke.  Another one of our number knows some of the kids who were injured.  So yes, this senseless tragedy hits very close to home for a lot of us.  The cowardice of the asshole individual responsible is absolutely upsetting to me.  How dare he invade and cause violence at one of the last vestiges of community and entertainment in this world? I am beyond livid about this.

The people who were at the midnight screenings are very much us.  We are the fans who get excited about a movie and go to these screenings when we should be asleep and getting ready for the next daily grind.  Movies are an escape to many and to lose that because of some individual truly upsets me to no end.  Going to a movie is an event for me.  I go to the movies almost every weekend.  Why?  Because I love film.  Movies are a vital aspect of my geekdom and I will never give that up in any form ever.

I refuse to let an attack meant to cause fear and pain mar my enjoyment of a movie.  That is not who I am.  And neither should you.

I think Nordling from Ain't It Cool News said it best...

This weekend, go to a movie.  No, it's not about keeping the bad guys from winning, or making a statement, although if you want it to be, that's okay.  Go to the movies this weekend because it's a joy. One of the last great joys we have left these days it seems.  Plant yourself in a theater, and see what whatever you fancy.  It's the place dreams come true.  It's the magic land.  That screen isn't a window - it's a door.  An inviting door that lets in everyone.  All are welcome in that world, and we get to wonder in the power of imagination and beauty.  
I agree with that 100%.   I started the United States of Geekdom as a means to help unite the fan community.  We are a strong community filled with like minded individuals who stand by what they love and believe in.  We endure.  We are superheroes in our own right.  We continue to unite more and more with every passing day.  Now we need to unite more than ever.

And to those insensitive jerks saying that the assailant was a Marvel fan, STOP IT.  That joke is in incredibly poor taste and NOT funny.  I am a Marvel fan and you don't see me doing what this coward did in the theater.  Please maintain your respect toward those who lost someone in this tragedy and put yourself in their shoes and think how you would have felt to lose a son, a daughter, a brother or a friend.  

As said before by Cole in the post earlier today, our hearts go out to those who were hurt by this senseless and horrible tragedy.  I hate that sometimes tragedy has to invade our moments of escape from everyday life.  If I have any parting words, they are this.  Be kind to each other. Celebrate community, family, and your love for anything and everything.  That is what geekdom is to me.

Thank you for being a part of the United States of Geekdom and God bless.

Rick Gutierrez

July 20th, 2012

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