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Buy Me, Fanboy! Presents: Marvel Universe Action Figure Wish List #1

JediCole here with a little twist on the Buy Me, Fanboy!; a kind of message to Hasbro about which Marvel Comics characters I would most like to see in their 3.75" Marvel Universe line.  You have heard me talk about this line from time to time on the Collector Sector and I am happy to say it looks to continue to be going strong.  The 2012 line has been largely announced barring some San Diego Comic Con exclusives that were a bit of a surprise above and beyond what had been announced back in February. 

But even with the great figures alrady made and those coming this year there are a few that would be ideal in this scale.  Especially since my colleagues Andrew and Rick have both been collecting a few as well.  Here is my initial run with an invitation to collaborate with them and our readers on the next Wish List.

Mimic – This guy’s got it all! The classic X-Men villain that took on the powers of the entire original team. He was to the X-Men what the Super Skrull was to the Fantastic Four. He wields Cyclops’ eye beams, Marvel Girl’s telekinesis, Beasts acrobatic skills (as well as his jumbo hands and feet it would seem), Iceman’s frosty powers, and Angel’s wings. Cyclops, Beast, and Angel are the most obvious aspects that stick out in general and should be prominent in the action figure. If an accessory seems necessary, something illustrating Iceman’s power would be the appropriate choice.

Sebastian Shaw (Black King) – There is just something about a mutant who can pull of period costume and huge mutton chops. Since Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line has always offered a diverse line-up of characters, the leader of the Hellfire Club and heavy hitter in the pages of the X-Men should make the cut. How many super villains in this line sport stylish shoes with huge brass buckles after all?

Blazing Skull – Even if you were not lucky enough to get your hands on the San Diego Comic Con Invaders set, you can still amass the bulk of the group from the individual carded figures available in the line. While Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, and Union Jack make a nice grouping, the dynamic Blazing Skull is conspicuously absent and sorely missed. He should pack heat like Bucky, perhaps in the form of a machine gun of some type and maybe a pistol as well.

Mockingbird – If there is one thing most super-hero lines lack it is female characters. Mockingbird is often overlooked or even forgotten. And that is a shame since she was often teamed up with Hawkeye (acting as the Black Canary to his Green Arrow Marvel Universe style) and was a member of the Avengers for years. Give her a pair of trusty whacking sticks and you have a real winner here.

Ant-Man – I have always had a fondness for Ant-Man’s costume since I first discovered the character in a Saturday Night Live sketch (with Garret Morris in the role)* and later a story in one of Marvel’s anthology titles that was used to bring the character back into the public eye. This is a character with some great potential in the accessory department. Hank Pym’s original alter-ego could come with a mid-range size, minimally articulated figure as well as an even smaller non-articulated figurine perhaps riding a flying ant).  On a personal level I would only buy this figure if it was produced as the classic costume/helmet look.  I do not really like the new version, but it would offer the chance for a chase figure if they went that route. 

Triton – The Inhumans tend to get put on the back burner in Marvel Comics based lines, but really offer some of the coolest characters to the mix. Triton is the aquatic member of the Royal Family of Attillin and with his scaly green body and inexplicably pink/purple minimalist costume would make a great addition to this line. And since he really has no related accessories, he’s a little cheaper to produce.  And like with Ant-Man, I would only want the classic version of the character, not the more updated look.

Man-Thing – While whatever knows fear burns at Man-Thing’s touch, Hasbro should not be scared to include this shambling swamp creature into the line-up. Visually Man-Thing is really cool (if done right) and in addition is huge. Like Thanos, Hulk, and the upcoming Blastarr, there is value added when the big guys hit the same price point as the small fry. In the context of the Marvel Universe, the mossy guy with the beady red eyes has played a major role, appearing in such titles as Howard the Duck, The Micronauts, and even The Deadly Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung-Fu, so he definitely rates as a major player.

Shang-Chi – And speaking of Shang Chi, it is high time that Marvel’s high-kicking son of Fu Manchu find his place in the 3.75” scale action figure world. But only in his classic red and yellow gi, red headband, and dark blue gauntlets. When Shang was brought back into the Marvel Universe in recent years he seems too much removed from the character I know and love. Hasbro would undoubtedly feel compelled to give him some traditional martial arts weaponry and I could live with that if it meant getting the figure on the pegs. Though true fans know Shang-Chi’s own stance on this matter, “Weapons are for the weak.”

Jocasta – Again with the female characters! And while Jocasta is technically just a machine with a woman’s form, she still rates as a great female character of the Marvel Universe and a one-time Avenger. As her creator Ultron is already a part of this series, it is only natural that kids and collectors should be given a chance to reenact Ultron’s creation of a metallic bride for himself, her subsequent betrayal and turning to the side of justice, and subsequent (if not eternal) destruction by her robotic creator.

Black Bolt – The Inhumans have seen some action figure love in prior toy lines (Toy Biz’ Fantastic Four and Hasbro’s Marvel Legends) but not so much in this one. The silent leader of the Kree-spawned Inhumans would make a great action figure choice, especially if an effective way can be found to give him his curious little umbrella wings under his arms. Black Bolt sports the classic Kirby styling in his costume and would be a great addition to the line.

Attuma – Another one of the big guys! Sub-Mariner has been a part of the Marvel Universe line for quite some time and deserves a heavy hitting villain that is specific to Atlantis. In addition to being huge, Attuma sports that funky helmet and carries one of the coolest swords in comics.

Destroyer – In the Thor movie line Hasbro brought us that version of the Destroyer. Now it is time for the classic comic version with the grate-like face. Like Attuma this could be another of those figures that is almost too big for the package. Destroyer makes up in size for what it lacks in color.

Polaris – Bold hair makes a bold statement. Polaris was probably the first super hero in the Marvel Universe to embrace this concept (also adopted by Madame Hydra) with her green hair. And you thought only the Joker could pull that off! Polaris has been around for ages and had a myriad of costumes from one that looked like it came from Clea’s closet (think Dr. Strange, folks) to some pretty funky threads. I personally favor the abundance of green, from headdress to boots, in this particular costume. Who says you can’t wear green when you have green hair?

BONUS!  While composing this article it occured to me that there is a character that does not translate well into the larger scale Marvel Legends line but might be an ideal choice for this much more diminutive type of action figure.  So to add just one more to this initial baker's dozen line up I give you...

Stilt-Man - Perhaps one of the oddest characters in the Marvel Universe, this unlikely villain got his start in the pages of Daredevil!  He has actually gone up against the likes of Spider-Man and (the original) met his demise at the hands of the Punisher.  While goofy at first pass, this character does have a long history that spans over four decades.  A 3.75" scale figure of Stilt-Man could have legs a little longer than average that have a hole in the bottom of each one to accomodate an additonal length of leg which also has a hole at the bottom.  One more length of legging would let Stilt-Man to tower over all other figures in the line. 

*Garrett Morris in the role of Ant-Man on Saturday Night Live...


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